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About Our Horse Sponsorship Program

As the old adage goes, the horse is 80% of the game when it comes to polo. Our string is made up of donated and leased polo ponies. Each of them are incredibly special and have retired from polo elsewhere for a variety of reasons. Our lesson program provides a soft landing for these treasured polo ponies. We are committed to providing them a high quality of care as they teach the next generation the game of polo. 


Our horses not only help our new players along as they learn the sport of polo, but they help create confident and capable horsemen in and out of the saddle. Our members and students are involved in all aspects of polo grooming–from tacking up to keeping our horses sound and healthy. Not only is this an opportunity for our students, but our horses benefit from all of the extra love (and treats) they receive. 



We rely on student lesson fees and support from generous donors like you to keep Aggie Polo alive. Our ponies are the cornerstone of our program, and each polo pony costs the club an average of $4500 per year to feed and care for. The average annual cost breakdown per horse goes something like this: $3000 for feed and board, $1000 for shoes, and $500 for veterinary and preventative care. 


We offer many different options for horse sponsorship, whether you'd like to donate as an individual or as part of a business. Donors will receive a special thank you gift for their sponsorship!


Got extra polo gear or equine care supplies in need of a new home? We accept tack and supplies as well! 


As a 501(3)(c) organization your donation may be eligible for tax benefits. 

Click to donate securely through Cheddar Up, or contact us at aggiepoloclubucd@gmail.com.  Include the name of the horse you are sponsoring in the "club association" field on the donation form so we can send you a special gift!

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Meet The Polo Ponies


The youngest of the string, Tacoma is a beautiful dark mare with a love for polo. Tacoma may still be figuring out what’s required of her for intercollegiate/interscholastic-level polo, but her innate eagerness to please and sharp learning ability have allowed her to make massive progress in our lesson program. She’s a favorite of those allowed to ride her and there’s whispers that she will be our best in a couple of years.



Frutilla is a noble brown mare with a heart of gold and the elegance of an Andalusian. Frutilla has her favorites but always strives to give a good ride to whoever is on her back, so long as they ride with soft hands and a quiet seat. Her fiery spirit and determination make her wonderful for more competitive chukkers, and her propensity for dressage-like movements makes her one of our most handy horses when you need to make quick turns and rollbacks.


This chestnut mare is the sweetheart of the string. Riding her is like driving a Porsche–she’s sensitive and handy, but she has the ride-off of a monster truck! Quiet and calculated in the arena, she’s also incredibly gentle on the ground. Her mellow nature makes her the perfect older step-sister to her best friend, Tacoma.


Meet Zucchini, a f*ck-around-and-find-out little dark mare who is probably better described by her old name, Suzuki. Like one of those compact, Japanese-made sports bikes, she’s quiet and unassuming…until you hit the gas! This little mare sure can run! She’s also incredibly versatile and easy-going no matter what her job is, whether it’s a chukker, a trail ride, or a gymkhana. She’s a smart cookie with the sweetest heart once you get through a slightly crunchy exterior. 

Maple Bacon

This marvelous meatball is all muscle and motor. Maple is a stunner in and out of the arena, and boy, does she know it! Although she recently retired from high-goal polo, she hasn't lost any of the fire needed to play like a pro. She's easy to hit off of and has a devastating ride-off. With her enthusiasm and adaptability, we can't wait to see what other disciplines she will excel in as well! 


She’s gray, she’s lumpy, and no, she’s not friends with Biscuit... but she's a secret weapon in the arena. Steady and calm under the guidance of a confident rider, Gravy is quick to the ball and to ride offs. This brave and energetic mare has quite the love for polo and makes a fantastic partner for our intermediate to advanced players. Believe it or not, she's also secretly a snuggly sweetheart. 


Cruises like a Cadillac, but once you get him rolling, he’s all business and none of it funny. This gentle giant may be the tallest of our herd, but he’s a favorite with the kids…and the owner of Sutter Buttes Polo! Noli’s a quiet boy with the patience for brand new polo players but also thrives in the more competitive and speedy chukkers. We’ve also got a strong suspicion that Noli and Frutilla are siblings since they come from the same breeder and have an uncanny resemblance.


Summer is your classic elderly Chestnut mare! However, her fiery mood fuels her competitive spirit in the arena, and while she may be on the older side, she still gives 110% in practice chukkers. Despite her age, Summer has proven to be our soundest, hardiest horse and loves to go on trail rides off the beaten path near the Feather River. Summer is an excellent confidence-building horse for intermediate riders who are learning to be assertive leaders to their horses. Surprisingly, Summer is also one of our most cuddly horses and adores head scratches and pets.


Torta is one of our latest and greatest additions to our string! This gentle old mare has a canter that feels like floating on a cloud and a temperment that's just as heavenly. We can't wait to use her in our beginner lessons and are sure that she'll quickly become a fan favorite. Fun fact about Torta: she's also a momma! 

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